The Elders' Forum is one of the National groups in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Membership of the Forum is considered to be a privilege given only by God therefore, no former application or interview process is required to belong to the group.

I celebrate the anointing and the grace of God on all our Pastors. God has placed them in exalted positions as Regional, Provincial, Assistant Provincial, Zonal, Area, Assistant Area and Parish Pastors. They are therefore considered to be Elders by Grace and are automatic members of the Elders’ Forum. Other members are male and female church members from all the parishes in the UK from the age 50 years and above. Although in some Parishes, where we have active members from age 45 years and above, we do not intend to discourage this group, rather they should be encouraged to keep being active utilising their gifts to edify this body of Christ.

The Elders’ manual broadly highlights the general role of the

Elders in the following categories:

  1. Pastoral Support:

    1. Spiritual support through prayers.

    2. Commitment to look after God’s people especially the young and newly married.

    3. Visitation partnership with the Pastor.

  2. Intercessory:

    1. Periodic prayer meetings for members, church and other request.

    2. Specific prayer meeting e.g. for Church programs.

    3. General prayer meetings as may be requested by the pastor.

  3. Counselling and Mentoring:

    1. Pastoral Counselling.

    2. Visitations to identified homes and to minister the word of God.

    3. Community work.

    4. Serve as mentors for the newly married and younger ones.

  4. Dispute and Observation resolution:

    1. Behavioural model.

    2. Resolution of dispute among Church members or as referred to them by the pastor.

    3. Resolution of dispute shall be by consensus of both parties.

    4. Resolution of dispute shall be done with love and held in confidence with no back-biting of the parties.

  5. Growth and Development:

    1. Spiritual growth and development shall be via annual Conferences and Seminars and specific courses for the Elders.

    2. Forster good and healthy relationship development among fellow Elders and other Elders in other Parishes of RCCG.

  6. Others:

    1. Represent the interests of the RCCG in their Community.

    2. Be accountable to the parish pastor of RCCG they represent.

    3. All Elders are to cooperate with the National Coordinator and the Elders’ executive council in the day to day running of the activities of the Elders.