TIME: 10.00 – 16.00


  1. Pastor Femi Popoopa                - RCCG UK Trustee Member.

  2. Pastor (Dr) AdeniyiFaboya         - Coordinator RCCG UK ELDERS’ FORUM – Host.

  3. Pastor BayoEesuola                  - Senior Pastor RCCG Love Assembly London. (Help Counsellor Director & Guest Speaker).

  4. Members National Elders’ Executive Committee.

  5. Members RCCG Victory House Elders’ Forum (Wisdom Club) – Host Members.

  6. Representatives of various Parishes’ Elders’ Forum  (Totalling 200 members).


The conference started exactly at 12.00 noon as scheduled but this was after registration of participants which was programmed to take place between 11.00 am to 12 noon. Praise Worship was also going on simultaneously during registration.

The keynote address was delivered by the National Coordinator:

In his address, Pastor (Dr) A. Faboya urged Elders to allow the Holy Spirit to direct their ways and actions in the performance of their duties as Elders. The theme of the conference, “The Spirit Filled Elders” was fully explained while participants were well educated on the roles they need to play among their congregations before they can be referred to as being Spirit Filled. As enormous as these tasks are, Elders need the help of the Holy Spirit to perform them successfully. They were further informed that the spiritual welfare of their congregations are not only the responsibility of their Pastors alone but equally theirs. They are therefore expected to work complimentarily with their Pastors and not in contradiction. With the present various attacks on Christianity worldwide and coupled with fake doctrines from some leaders in the Body of Christ, their contributions toward edification of the Gospel is needed now more than ever.


Pastor Femi Popoola in his Exhortation address thanked the organisers of the conference under the leadership of the National Coordinator for a job well done. He then proceeded to address the participants on their roles in a parish set-up. They are to work in compliment with the parish Pastor, who is the first Elder of the parish irrespective of age, and not in contradiction. Various Bible references were made where Elders, as Leaders in the church, were treated like Bishops, Pastors and Ministers of God. Pastor Femi Popoola educated the Elders that there are two ways of becoming an Elder; one by Age and the other one by Grace. Elders by Grace is come about through the good work as performed by the Elder which would necessarily not by how old such an holder is. Elder by Grace is thus preferred for this edify the Body of Christ.

Thanksgiving offering was performed by Elder Busola Ladega; one of the Executive Committee Members, while this was followed by two educational talks.

Educational talks:

The first one was on Health and the talk was giving by Pastor Bayo Eesuola. The talk centred on living a good life which will enhance healthy living. The second was on Financial Planning towards old age giving by Elder Kayode Eniraiyetan.

The conference was later blessed with the presence of the Host Pastor, Pastor Leke Sanusi of Victory House London, who was coming from an earlier engagement. As his usual self, he blessed the congregation with fervent prayers for which he was well known for and in his small speech extolled the Elders to be relevant in their services to their creator. Age should not stand in their ways he said and in fact they should now be ready to” Fire for God and not be Tired”.

Intercessory Prayers was said by Pastor Richard Odufisan of RCCG Victory Assembly while the vote of thanks was giving by Elder Olatunji Ajana.

The closing prayer was said by Pastor Olufemi Ibikunle bringing the conference to an end at 4.30 pm.


Refreshments were giving to participants as packed take away foods. This is to compliment the tea, coffee and biscuits earlier taken during break time.

Elders' Conference 2014
Elders' Conference 2014

Elders' Conference 2014



Elders' Conference 2014
Elders' Conference 2014

Elders' Conference 2014