TIME: 10.00 – 16.00


1. Pastor (Dr) Adeniyi Faboya           2. Pastor Olutayo Ayodele

3. Pastor Francis Oladimeji               4.Pastor Bayo Eesuola

5. Pastor & Pastor Mrs Obisesan        6. Deaconess Funke Faboya 

7. Deaconess Busola Ladega             8. Elder Olalekan Olaleye       

9. Elder Kayode Eniraiyetan             10. Elder Sijibomi Bademosi.

11.Parishes representatives totalling over 250.


SPEAKERS: 1. Barrister FikayoOke             2. Mrs Rosaline Majekodunmi    3. Ms Isabella


The conference took off as scheduled with registration at 10am with refreshment.


During registration, arriving delegates sat at the main auditorium, the venue of conference, while Raising Champions for Christ (RCFC) ministry ministered in songs.


At 11am, opening prayer was said, followed by praise and worship, led by the Elders Mass Choir and RCFC.


The RCCG UK National Coordinator Pastor (Dr) Adeniyi Faboya delivered the Keynote Address on the Conference Theme, ‘Let the Wind Blow’ taken from the Scripture – Ezekiel 37:1-14. He started by appreciating the host Pastor, Pastor Oladimeji, Pastors in the house, the Executive Members, the hosting Elders and all participating Elders. Also appreciated are Chairman, Board of Trustee, RCCG UK, Pastor Agu, and the Central Office Executive Administrator and her Staff, without whom the conference could not have been successful. The Coordinator said he is looking forward to when this programme will take the whole weekend in form of a retreat for the Forum members. He cited the recently concluded Elders National Congress in Nigeria which he was opportune to attend. He said it was like a carnival and prayed that we will soon reach such level.


He also said in his speech that the wind is defined as the perceptible natural movement of the air, while to blow is to move creating an air current.


He said the wind as used in the theme is not the wind as described above. This wind is the Holy Spirit. The wind is an emblem of the Spirit of God, and represented His quickening powers.  The working of the Holy Spirit is compared to that of the wind. Just as the wind is invisible to physical eye but its impact is visible on whatever it touches or goes near, so also is the Holy Spirit. He cannot be seen but His impact is visible to the physical eye. God confirmed in verse 14 of our theme scripture that He is going to put His Spirit in us and we shall live.


The Lord in a vision in verse 1 of our theme’s scripture brings Prophet Ezekiel into a valley full of dead men’s bones, quite dried and withered, and asks him the question, if he thought it possible for these dry bones to live. No created power could restore human bones to life. God alone could cause them to live. Skin and flesh covered them, and the wind was then told to blow upon these bodies; and they were restored to life.


The Coordinator continued in his speech that he want to remind the Elders, as he had done in the past, that we have 6 commands from God given to us through Apostle Peter in

1st Peter 5:2-3 that:

1. We should feed and not fleece the flock of God.

2. Take oversight of the flock of God.

3. Serve God and His flock willingly.

4. Serve readily, not for personal gain.

5. Do not be lords over God’s heritage.

6. Be examples to the flock.

Disobedience to these commands is a sin which can result in spiritual deadness. There are so many spiritual deadness among us and we are deceiving ourselves if we believe everything is alright within the present day Christians and Body of Christ. We are presently confronted with various confusing and diverse doctrines and inequality in our interpretations of the Word of God. We are building temples instead of warriors for God. In effect we the Elders are present in the market place yet the heads of many children lie crooked.

We made our presence known where our absence only should have been felt. Some of us are the problem where we are supposed to be the solution. Spiritual deadness is very prevalent in the day in which we now live. There is a great multitude of dry bones scattered up and down our valley of vision.

He continued in his speech that there is need for the wind to blow. God is giving us the same vision given to prophet Ezekiel and is asking us to prophesy to our dry bones. Our disobedience has made us to have nothing of spiritual life in us at all. Men in a state of nature are said to be dead in trespasses and sins – that is under total reigning power of sin, in the gall of bitterness, and under the bond of iniquity without God, without Christ and therefore without hope. He said we have not allowed the Holy Spirit that we received at the Pentecost to blow on our dry bones. God meets the lively Christian in the way of service. God commands us to “present ourselves a living sacrifice unto him;” and, indeed, this is our reasonable service. “For God is a Spirit; and they that worship Him, must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.” 1 John 4:24.

Gone were the days when our spirits were lifted up; in prayer, in hearing, in communicating. We were fervent in spirit, serving the Lord and we could rejoice to work righteousness. Now all this holy warmth is gone in a great measure. We have become formal and careless in the concern of God’s glory.

The Coordinator mentioned some of the causes of Spiritual deadness as:

  1. Lack of deep study of the Word of God

  2. Surfeiting our lives with sensual pleasures

  3. Slothfulness, Inactivity and Complacency towards Salvation

  4. The Company we Keep

  5. Sin

He also mentioned some of effects of the wind of the Holy Spirit as:

  1. Restoration of Life

  2. A way is created where there has never been a way

  3. The impossible becomes possible.

  4. Hope arises in hopeless situations

  5. Enemies are uprooted permanently

  6. Secrets were released

  7. Problems are solved

He also said that, through the Scripture that before the wind blows, there is always a cry to heaven. Almost every time a cry precedes the wind. A cry goes to heaven and God sends the wind. The Israelite cried in Exodus 14 and the wind followed. They cried again in Numbers 11 and the wind blew. Noah must have been crying to God in Genesis 7 before the wind blew, he did not just sat down in the ark doing nothing for 40 days.

The Coordinator concluded that our cry must first ascend to heaven before the wind follows. We must be assured that as we cry to Him today, He will send the wind. Once the wind begins to blow, everything against God’sin our lives will be uprooted in Jesus name.He admonished the Elders not to stop for being tired but only stop when the job is done and that the joy of being old is becoming an Elder.

The Coordinator’s speech was then followed by clip and message from Pastor Agu. He commended the Coordinator and those working with him. He said that Hebrew 6:10 and Ezekiel 37:9 - was to rouse them and gather them as great army. He said as we prophetically ask for the Spirit to blow, army of God is being raised. He concluded by saying that experience, faith and years of service will be of use for this divine assignment, and to carry us to the next stage.

Clip from Nigerian Conference was played. This was followed by ministration by Elders Mass Choir.

Pastor Francis Oladimeji coordinated the Intercessory Prayer session. Immediately after this was a play, performance by the group Raising Champion For Christ based on the Conference Theme; Let The Wind Blow.

Exhortation for the Conference was delivered by Pastor Olutayo Ayodele.  He started with verse 1 of the theme where it was said; “The hand of the Lord was upon me” and exhorted that we should pray it for good. In 1st Samuel 5:6 – But the hand of the Lord was heavy upon them and destroyed them, but in Nehemiah 2:18 the hand of the Lord was upon the prophet for good as in our theme Scripture.


He continued further that we should critically look at the Conference Theme and analyse why the wind of the Lord should blow upon our lives. We are here because God had not finished with our lives. God took Ezekiel to a valley full of dry bones. How do you get dry bones? Death, decomposition. But this was a very dry bones. The place must have looked as if there was no more hope. A situation where things were getting worst like the woman with the issue of blood. Jeremiah 29:11 says God knows.God asked – Can these bones lives? Can the irreversible be reversible? God’s intention for the bones was to live. Ezekiel said – O ye bones, hear the word of the Lord. Can dead bones hear?  Dead bones will only hear the word of the Lord. A dead situation will hear the word of the Lord and it will listen.


Ezekiel was obedient. First sin was sin of disobedience. You must be obedient before you can have a change of situation in your life. The work of God in your life is by stages. You might think God is not doing something, but He works in stages and the first stage must be finished before He moves to another.


He went ahead to mention why we should want wind of God to blow in our lives as;

  1. That we may live – God wants us to live.

  2. Not only to live but for us to know that God is God. For God to be glorified our lives – 2nd King 20 says we must live a righteous life.


He concluded by saying that, when we were saved, you were saved unto good work. We must serve God and with good service, we can challenge God. When you are asking God for addition to your life; what for? The years given unto you, what have you done with them? Yes the wind will blow in your life, but for what purpose?  Is it to show off like Hezekiah? Let people know that He is God in your life. Each year that you are alive should be to glorify God in your life. He ended the exhortation with prayer.


We then had a short break and on return moved to Educational Talks.


Barrister Fikayo Oke gave the first talk titled “WILL, PROBATE and INHERITANCE”. He stated thus; Abraham in Genesis made his servant to swear that his son Isaac should not marry a foreigner. In Genesis 47:29 – Jacob made Joseph to swear to be buried not in Egypt. In Genesis 50:256 – Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel that his bones shall be carried up from Egypt.

He defined WILL as a legal statement in which testator speak on how his estate should be used after death. We are encouraged to make our will before we depart. We are saying that the state should do it if we fail to make a will before we died, which will surely come one day. Scripture allows it as seen above. Making a will does not mean you are dying tomorrow as some of us feel. Making a will is setting the record straight and means your intention is being made known.He stated that a Will must be written and witnessed by two individuals and signed. These are Executors who must be examined properly. Your estate is what is left behind when you are gone. Executor can be one and witness can be one.

PROBATE: - Act of making a will a legal document. You cannot be too young and cannot be too old either, but must be of sound mind. Legal representative can be made to come to your house. You must be the one to produce the witness. Must be specific things to specific persons and not concentrating items to one person to distribute.

INHERITANCE: - What you are leaving behind for others to benefit. A good person leaves inheritance when gone – Proverb 13:26. Inheritance tax is the Tax on estate worth over £325,000.00. Presently, 40% but can pay less if 10% is paid to charity. Executors will make the payment after you have gone.  Capital Gain Tax is tax you pay on profit made when you sell your estate.


Mrs Rosaline Majekodunmi talked on SERVICE DEVELOPMENT titled BIBLICAL LIFE CHANGES FOR PEOPLE IN THEIR 50s. She said further- most people in this category are not working where they are best suited. Social action is to introduce new things into your life for better. Jesus meets practical needs of people. This must be our goals as elders. Romans 14:17 says Life is not about bread alone but about righteousness. There are opportunities in the UK. Ezekiel must have made himself available for God’s service to have been used. God has shown us what is expected of us; to do justice and to work kindness – Micah 6:7-8. Jesus said you are the light of the world – Matt.5. We all have wisdom, let’s use it. Our works and our walk with God must reflect God’s Glory in our life. We need to actively integrate. Activities available in the society to benefit us include and not limited to; Befriending Friends, Give Forum, Exercise Activities, Music and Worship, Debate and Discussion, Public Health, Information and Advise Forum, Mentoring and Counselling Forum and Micro-financing Opportunities.


The third Educational Talk was delivered by Isabella, a Nutrition Coach for over 23 years. She started by giving a short history of herself and what led to her becoming a Nutrition Coach. She further stated thus; we need to wake up in the morning and feel health. We need strategy to do this. As elders we lead by examples. 70% of our health issues are nutrition problems. 7000 amputees are diabetes related and again this arose from what we eat. Why is the need for us to be health? For us to be happy and for us to live longer. We need to treat our bodies as temples. We have to cultivate 5 important habits; 1. Drink plenty of water – Drink before eating anything at all. (We die in two days if we fail to drink water). 2. Food – eat balance diet. How much our bodies need and when depend on individuals. (We die in 7 days if we fail to eat). 3. Fitness and exercise. Our Muscle atrophy if not used. It eats itself. 4. Focus and Purpose in life. This gives us hope. Without hope we are dead. 5. Have Fun. Not as waste of time but have time for yourself. Rubber band breaks when over-stressed. Have time out to reflect and recharge your batteries.


The Coordinator welcomed new fifty years old – those whose fiftieth birthday was under one year. They danced to the front and were prayed for. A cake that had been prepared for them was cut supervised by Pastor Ibikunle of RCCG Victory House.


Deaconess Busola Ladega performed the Thanksgiving Offering.


The closing prayer at 4.45pm, after the prophetic prayer by the Coordinator.


Prepared By Elder Kayode Eniraiyetan

Secretary, RCCG UK Elders’ Forum



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